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Your efforts help support the many programs and services provided by the National MS Society, as well as fund important research into the cause, treatments and a cure for MS.

Putting your dollars to work

Below are examples of how the money you raise could be put to work helping people with MS.

$35 - Assist self-help groups in supporting people affected by MS in our community

$65 - Fund wellness programs aimed at treating the mind, body and spirit

$120 - Help pay for a physical therapy session to manage MS symptoms by enhancing strength and mobility

$200 - Fuel our cause to help influence change by engaging elected officials to make MS a national priority

$400 - Help fund a researcher working toward a cure


Champions Against MS

The Champions Against MS program strives to connect people living with MS and event participants. This connection fosters awareness, education, gratitude and most importantly, hope, through the symbol of an MS Champions bandana. During the Walk, event participants wear the bright green bandana signed by a person with multiple sclerosis. The paired Champions are encouraged to connect before, during or after the event.

Join the Champions Against MS program and become a critical part in the fight against MS!

Contact Lisa Cleary to get involved.


Nine easy ways to connect with your champion:

  • Write them an encouragement note and send it to them before the event.
  • Arrange to meet your Champion during the event such as at the start or finish line. Take a picture with your Champion.
  • Write in the Champions Against MS journal. Share the excitment of your experience with your Champion.
  • Take pictures and share them with your Champion.
  • Share your story and/or photos by submitting them online.
  • Invite your Champion to become a part of your fundraising team.
  • After the event, send a thank you note to your Champion. Describe to them how they gave you hope, inspired you, and encouraged you to help find a cure to end the devastating effects of MS.
  • Ask your Champion to pair up with you for the next event and stay in touch for the years to come.
  • Spread the word and share your Champions Against MS story when raising funds. Tell others about your experiences.


Where your money goes

Thank you to our national sponsors

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